About Don


About Don

Don Miller is the owner of a successful software consulting company in Sylvania Township and of a community coworking business in the city of Toledo.  He has refined his leadership and organizational skills by contributing and leading several committees, organizations, and advisory councils int he business, technical, and educational categories. The software industry is about solving complex business problems with technology. He has been a part of this industry for over 24 years and has worked with small, medium, and large businesses. This experience along with his experience of building and growing his own businesses will be essential for the fresh thinking needed to move the township forward.

Community Builder

Don Miller is a business owner and investor. He believes in building a community by encouraging and helping others in the community succeed.

Sylvania Advocate

Don Miller is passionate about the greater Sylvania community. He will continue to work with township and city leadership to make Sylvania the community of choice because of our schools, recreation, and parks system.

Paid for by Citizens to Elect Don Miller; John Monaghan, Treasurer, 5900 Renaissance Place, Toledo, OH 43623